Infinito Hotel

Eco Design

Infinito Hotel Eco Design asumes a genuine and responsible commitment with the environment, taking into consideration ecological standards since the building reformations through the day to day Hotel movement and business. Always taking into account not only our guests but also staff, accessibility and policies.

Infinito Hotel Eco Design answers to the international “Green Hotel”; securing a sustainable reduction carbon and guests and staff individual waste remnant through:

⇒ Waste Minimization

  • Energy, fuel, water and raw material waste reduction.
  • Policies to minimize energy consuming, supplies, efficiency energy resource devices; the non-abuse of resources on billboards, adhesive graphics and signage; energy sources and water distribution.

⇒ Climate Control

  • Energy conservation systems.
  • Summertime equipment control 24° C.
  • Wintertime equipment control 22° C.
  • Energy saving lights bulbs.
  • Grade A electronic devices: fridges, freezers, monitors.
  • Residue Recycling and proper non-recover materials disposal.
  • All room have an energy economizer.

⇒ Green Rooms

  • Live Terrace where the guest can relax and enjoy an afternoon.
  • Green Terrace to contribute to the City air cleaning.
  • Native plants in interiors, halls, rooms, Front Desk, SPA and exteriors.
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